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I've been sifting through a lot of Gawker-related things, mostly for obvious reasons (there's a lot written about it and it's going away soon) but also because most of the things that have been written about it lead down interesting trails (with the exception of the "eww, I didn't like them and I'm glad they're dead," because that's not an argument or a thought, that's a feeling. And you don't get to adjudicate by feelings. You can have them, you just can't use them to control anyone/thing else).

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Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule

I've always kept a Maker's Schedule, even when I was a manager, but you could definitely feel the difference. Also, anytime you want to point out how pointless a series of meetings are, mention to your boss the total amount of time being taken up (attendees x length of meeting) versus what's accomplished. In my experience, managers are annoyed by it at first but (if it's egregious enough that you're not just whining) slowly start to get the point.

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Googling a Patient - Volpe - 2013 - Hastings Center Report - Wiley Online Library

This is an interesting issue, but most of the analysis boils down to "It's an invasion of privacy." For a doctor to find things posted to the public internet. One could argue that doctors shouldn't Google patients because the time spent likely won't be valuable enough to do so, but if pertinent/relevant information is found that the patient was not forthcoming with, it's irresponsible not to use it. Obviously it shouldn't be used in lieu of actually asking the patient, but the same can be said for charts and medical histories as well. Why not just ask the patient every time?