The Trouble With Them Thar Internets

The internet has become a ubiquitous (if not essential) tool for the average person’s everyday life. As with most things that are used by a lot of people on a regular basis, there are good and bad aspects of it. There are different aims and goals that people have when using it, and thus there […]

Just the Facts

On July 4th a group calling itself Alternative Solutions and Possibilities met in Riverfront Park to protest against police brutality. As reported in the Spokesman-Review, a contingent of the group sat down on an American flag to have a picnic while others distributed literature around the site. Police surrounded the group and began circling the […]

Thinking is a requirement, not a privilege

Recently I happened upon a newspaper article from the Albuquerque Journal written in 1954 on the subject of what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. This of course came smack-dab in the thick of the Red Scare, when communists were constantly attempting to sabotage the United States or worse, directly attack. Now […]

The Tubes

The internet is a funny old thing isn’t it? I originally used to live about 40 miles north of Seattle until I went away to college, and now I live in Pullman on the Washington/Idaho border. My parents moved to Arizona last year, but spend the summers in a campground somewhat near where we used […]

Orwellian Corollary to Godwin's Law

Everyone is constantly spouting off about Godwin’s law, which states: In any non-WWII related conversation, if Hitler or the Nazis are brought up, rational conversation is no longer possible. Normally this law is quoted in the style of “God-winned,” insinuating that whoever used the Nazis or Hitler automatically lost the argument. I completely agree with […]