Complete and utter tripe

I first became acquainted with Alice Sebold’s novel The Lovely Bones at some point over the summer. For those who are not acquainted with the novel, it’s the story of a 12-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in the ’70s. It’s told from her perspective while in heaven, looking at how her death impacts her […]

Taking stock of another year

It’s Dec. 31, which means I’m parked in front of my television starting my annual personal Twilight Zone marathon. Though I stole the idea from the SciFi channel, mine’s better because a) there aren’t any commercials and b) I have the full complement (the original series and the remake from the ‘80s). But, as with […]

The quintessential American holiday

First of all, happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Though it pales in comparison to Slapsgiving (the best made-up holiday since Festivus), it’s not so bad. It’s a chance to gather your entire extended family together, have everyone complain, drink/eat too much, then sit around and watch football. Oh, the “American” holiday bit wasn’t referring to Thanksgiving. That […]

I hate misleading/bad graphics

Perusing NPR today, I found a story about how much more likely male teen drivers are to get in crashes. I have no particular problem with the story itself; it passes the “common sense” test, has a few good anecdotes, talks to an expert or two and even presents some of the solutions. But then […]

Curiously outdated traditions

Halloween, known as both “every kid’s second birthday” and “the pedophile’s Christmas,” is in unique company in modern society. In addition to being the “straight pride parade,” it is among those dwindling few traditions that have been able to survive the common sensibility of the current era in a relatively unscathed fashion. No, I’m not […]


Once six o’clock—my tenth hour of work—rolled around, I figured it was okay to take a call. It wasn’t as if work was particularly difficult, being my first day and all, or even that I was busy—the last hour and half or so had been spent waiting on someone else to finish up. Until that […]

The tyranny of content

I’ve been noticing a problem of mine lately — I have too little time. A common complaint, I know. And I don’t particularly think my problem is any worse than most, but what does bother me is how completely stupid this problem is. 11 hours of my day is consumed by work—nine at my job, […]

Worst. Drive. Ever.

I promise I will have a much longer update post at some time in the near future, I’ve just been massively busy lately. As a quick update, I’m currently living in Coeur d’Alene (I got a job!), and my web host decided to up and die, hence the terrible theme. On to the show! Around […]

Panning and nitpicking "The Lost Symbol"

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is traveling to an exotic locale when he happens across a grisly scene involving clues only he can decipher. Together with his trusty, busty female companion, he sets off in a race against time, hounded simultaneously by the mysterious force that set all […]

Thanks, NYTM: Old person doesn't get "Family Guy"

Naturally, when you see a media outlet decide to interview Seth McFarlane, you’d expect to see questions like, “I find the rape jokes especially unfunny,” and at least three questions about The Flinstones. No, it’s not an Onion article. For some reason, the New York Times decided to send Deborah Solomon, a 52-year-old woman who’s […]

What more do you want from me, Kindle?

I’ve not made much of a secret of my purchasing a Kindle, largely due to my evangelizing the stupid thing whenever the opportunity arises. Despite what some people would have you believe, I do not ardently desire the death of printed books, libraries, or puppies (an unrelated story for another time). I do, however, believe […]

"I Drink For A Reason," David Cross

David Cross, I’m mildly disappointed in you. But maybe it’s just me. I’m inclined to think it’s the latter, judging by some of the review blurbs available on Amazon. Either these people are seriously fucking with the reading public—and while that may be true in some cases (John Hodgman), it’s certainly not in all (Paul […]

You had your chance, banana-man

My e-mail address is not unique. It’s just firstname.lastname, one I was fortunate enough to pick up by garnering an invite to GMail back when it was still in extremely limited beta testing. A quick Google search of my name brings up any number of listings that have nothing to do with me, leading me […]

"The Story of My Life," Clarence Darrow

The autobiography of Clarence Darrow needs no review – the great man’s deeds speak for themselves, and the book offers an excellent view into his philosophical musings on life, the law and justice. Instead, I offer selected quotes that seemed particularly poignant when I discovered them, in hopes they may be of use to myself […]